has built a large database of lithic materials used in ancient North America.  We offer the below samples for sale. These come from modern quarries and are not prehistoric artifacts; the samples will be in the form of debitage. A set of six materials come labeled in a compartmentalized plastic storage case. You choose the six materials. $30 plus $5 USPS Priority shipping.  Place an order by emailing Michael with what samples you need for your comparative collection.

New samples will be added as available. Don't see what you need? Request a lithic material sample.

Name Material Type


Agatized Coral chert FL
Alibates chert TX
Amethyst Sage Agate chert NV
Argillite metasedimenatary NJ
Basalt volcanic AZ
Battle Mountain Chalcedony chert OR
Bayport chert MI
Black and Brown Jasper chert OR
Briar Creek chert GA
Burlington chert IL
Burlington chert MO
Burns Green Obsidian volcanic OR
Chalcedony chert PA
Coastal Plain chert GA
Coastal Plain chert AL
Coastal Plain chert AL
Delaware chert OH
Dover chert AL
Eastern PA Jasper chert PA
Esopus chert NY
Flint River chert GA
Georgia Jasper chert GA
Goose Egg chert WY
Hartville Jasper chert WY
Hixton orthoquartzite WI
Holland chert IN
Horse Creek chert TN
Hughes River chert WV
Jasper-Agate chert OR
John's Valley chert OK
Kaolin chert IL
Kay County chert OK
Knife River chert ND
Mahogany Obsidian volcanic OR
Maryland Quartzite quartzite MD
Maury Mountain Jasper chert OR
Mozarkite chert AR
Muldraugh (aka Fort Payne) chert KY
Normanskill Black chert NY
Normanskill Green chert NY
Novaculite chert AR
Orthoquartzite orthoquartzite CO
Paoli (aka Carter Cave) chert KY
Peoria (aka Keokuk) chert OK
Perdenales chert TX
Pigeon Blood Agate chert UT
Pitkin chert AR
Plum Run chert OH
Porcellanite metasedimenatary MT
Rainbow Obsidian volcanic CA
Rainey Buttes petrified wood ND
Rhyolite volcanic PA
Ridge and Valley chert GA
Shriver chert PA
Sonora (aka Kentucky Blue) chert KY
Spanish Diggings chert WY
Spanish Point Chalcedony chert WY
Ste. Genevieve (aka Kentucky Hornstone) chert KY
Sunset Jasper chert OR
Tallahatta Orthoquartzite orthoquartzite AL
Upper Mercer Blue-Black chert OH
Upper Mercer Blue-Black chert OH
Upper Mercer Blue-Black chert OH
Upper Mercer Gray chert OH
Upper Mercer Gray chert OH
Vanport Flint Ridge chert OH
Vanport Nethers chert OH
Vera Cruz Jasper chert PA
Wyandotte (aka Indiana Hornstone) chert IN

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