LithicAnalysis.com has numerous clients and experience in all types of archeology, public and private. We cater to CRM and academic institutions. A list of our most recent clients include:

On Point Project

·         Provided data on projectile point typologies from several states to help train the AI. Visit the project here.

Flintknapping Workshops

·         Taught day, weekend, and week long intensive flintknapping classes since 1997.


Cypress College - California

·         Created a lithic reference collection for use as a teaching aid. Included bagged and tagged examples of biface and core reduction flakes, cores, performs, tools.

George Washington University - DC

·         Participant in NSF flintknapping motion study.

DePaul University – Illinois

·         Produced a lithic reference collection including all stages of bifacial reduction and core reduction. Created examples of hafted tools for the classroom.

The University of Akron - Ohio

·         Created a teaching collection from donated prehistoric artifacts and lithic types for anthropology and archaeology undergraduate classes and labs.

·         Phase I lithic analysis of several assemblages.

·         Knapped late stage bifaces and collected debitage for mass-analysis experiment (in press).

State University of New York at Potsdam

·         Knapped replicas of Early Woodland dart points for use in a experimental study of the atlatl & dart.

Munroe Falls and Springfield Bog Metro Parks

·         Phase I lithic analysis – typological, technological, morphological, and continuum.

PBS / NOVA – Becoming Human

·         Provided expert knowledge on the manufacture of handaxes and flintknapping.

·         Footage of handaxe manufacture.

Kent State University

·         Creation of Paleo endscrapers for use in an experimental study on usewear formation.

Bath Nature Preserve & Field Station

·         Flintknapping presentation and demonstration.

Michael knapping at the Flint Ridge Ohio Knap-in 2010.

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